Water bills are too expensive

Every year, Wilton Manors steals over a million dollars from our water bills.  This is illegal and against accounting standards.  City commissioners blame Ft Lauderdale for their 5% annual raises in consumption fees.  Wilton Manors charges about double what Ft Lauderdale does per gallon of water and sewer services.  When our city increases consumption fees by 5%, it’s more like 10%. 

Up until this year, Wilton Manors has also been increasing the meter rate (about $50-75!) by 5% even though this has nothing to do with the Ft Lauderdale contract.  Some houses with sprinkler systems pay over $400 per month for water!  Salt water intrusion east of Dixie Highway means homeowners can’t dig their own wells and it will cost them another $50 per month to install a meter that doesn’t charge sewer fees. 

Our water bills need to be lowered by $1 million by freezing city employee pay raises.