Lower Taxes

See how Wilton Manors pays over TWICE what Ft Lauderdale pays for Water, Sewer and Sprinklers.  Click here – water-and-sewer-cost-comparison

The city purchased a duplex and a triplex for $400k (and then tore them down) for a Hagen Park expansion project.  These are just 2 of the 8 structures the city wants to buy with taxpayer money and tear down which will remove $10k in property taxes the city would have pulled in EACH YEAR.  It would cost roughly another $3 million to just buy the remaining 6 properties.  The city commission denies any plans to buy any more properties to expand Hagan Park “period”.  Yet they didn’t have any expansion plans before buying these two properties “for a good price”.  It WAS a good price they paid when there was a triplex and a duplex on the land.  But when they tore them down this land became VERY expensive so the city overpaid.  We need to tell the city to stop throwing our tax money around and then raising taxes to pay for their stupid mistakes!  This land has been just sitting there.  Go take a look at it.  It’s adjacent to the tennis courts.  Let’s sell this costly mistake and use the money to LOWER taxes next year.

empty lots Hagan Expansion1

Don’t be fooled when you’re told the city millage rate went down.  That’s the percentage of the property value you pay for city taxes.  Yes it went down because property values went up.  This city commission which includes the mayor has proven they will recklessly spend money on things that don’t make sense like 6% city employee annual raises while ignoring the immense problem of crime our city is facing.

The 2016 budget is growing due to higher land values AND a higher millage rate!  The city commission even voted to increase their pay by 25%!  We need to stop paying Lanier about $450k a year to read parking meters!  Those funds should be put towards a parking garage which will pay for itself through parking revenue.

The chief of police keeps asking for money so he can raise police wages.  He’s gotten a million more dollars and now he wants another six digits!  He has a fleet of brand new police cars and even a $25k electric motorcycle.  We now need more police on our streets instead of in their squad cars transporting people back and forth to the county detention center for having a joint.  Every time we send a cop to some special FBI training facility it means one less cop patrolling the streets.   Home invasion is a low tech crime.  It mostly involves kids breaking in through back doors during the day.

What ever happened to the more bicycle cops idea?  We could have bought a dozen bicycles for the cost of one electric motorcycle and they would have been more effective when it comes to surprising burglers.  It would also give cops a chance to mingle with residents which would be a great way to get information on crime trends and be friendly with the public.  Let’s get police leadership to focus on home and auto burglaries and increase the friendliness of our cops.  And if there’s a cop who gains or loses a lot of muscle in a short period of time which is a sign of steroid abuse then get them the hell off the force.  A resident told me we pay more per person for police than all but one Florida city.  We deserve less crime – not crackdowns on businesses for having neon signs or “too much” storefront signage.

Paul Kuta’s Budget Remarks