This speech was given in front of the Wilton Manors City Commission on March 18, 2014

Since 1980 the rate of violent crime in the United States has fallen by half.  Yet the prison population is five times larger.  The United States has 25% of the world’s prisoners and a per capita rate that is 50% greater than Russia’s and five times greater than Europe, Canada and Australia.  Half are in prison for drugs with half of those just for personal drug use.  One in ten Americans has been arrested on drug related charges.  It’s big business for corporations who own private prisons and lobby the government for policies that would increase incarceration such as three strike laws.  Broward County has twice the arrest rate of any other Florida county not because there’s more crime here but because  the Broward county state attorney’s office likes to prosecute tons of cases.  Broward County is a great place to work if you’re a cop looking to advance your personal career by setting arrest records.  If you can convince the city commission to give you a police dog then what more could you ask for?  Another police dog.

My house was robbed.  My neighbor’s car was stolen.  People steal refrigerators out of vacant homes during the day.  This is the kind of crime that is on the rise and that we need to focus on.  Don’t stop and search my visiting friend of Portuguese descent and hold his hands behind his back while you search him because my rear bicycle light wasn’t working.  Were the police looking for stolen property in his pockets?  No, they were looking for a joint.

I’m still out on bond facing  felony prison charges.  When someone complains to the city commission after talking to the chief of police about a major police problem like witness statements not being forwarded to the state attorney’s office, don’t just tell them there’s nothing the city commission can do.  Tell them to contact the FBI in Miami.  Jay Bernardo in the police corruption division is a very reasonable person to talk to – I have him on speed dial.   Tell them to contact the state attorney’s office – both the local one and the one in Tallahassee.  Florida State Attorney Pam Bondi was very helpful when she recommended that I contact the Department of Justice in Washington DC.   By filing a complaint with the DOJ I am afforded special protection from police retaliation.  I finally feel a little bit safer from the police while living in this city.

Also, please stop distributing the Town Crier to people’s front doors.  It increases crime by letting criminals know which houses are vacant. If it is added to the city’s website in a timely manner then people will get used to reading it there.   And see what you can do about stopping the East Sider from littering my driveway every month.  It’s just advertising garbage that nobody wants.

September 22, 2014 Speech to the City Commission

Our city pays Lanier, a company headquartered in Atlanta, $340k to read meters and issue parking violations. I’m sure the city can do the same job for $100-$150k which means a yearly savings of $190-$240k

I strongly encourage the city manager to ask for a cost analysis to see how much it would cost to do this job in house. Lanier’s five year contract is up on March 10 2015 and we need to decide if we are going to ask for a two year extension to their expensive contract by December 10 of this year.  The city has no plans on bidding out this contract extension

If the city were in charge of parking meters then we could reevaluate whether we really need to enforce parking meters 18 hours a day. Do we really need to charge for parking at 9 am or is this policy hurting the businesses on Wilton Drive?  It might make sense to start enforcing the meters at 5 or 6 pm once you consider the lower costs of reading the meters only 8 hours a day.  It would sure make our city a more pleasant place to shop or to have a spontaneous lunch or early dinner without worrying about getting a ticket or having enough change.  As Scott Newton keeps saying it’s about quality of life.

Lanier has one full time employee and several part time employees so that they don’t have to pay for employee benefits. And they are only paid $9.50 an hour (correction $10 since 1/14) which is far below the wages our proud city starts their employees at since city workers get benefits.  I don’t think it’s worth six digits per year to contract out parking collections just so it won’t make the city management feel bad about paying crappy wages since they can look the other way.  Hey we’re not paying $9.50 an hour with no benefits.  It’s our contractor.

This is not the only way the city is wasting taxpayer’s money. The purchase of a duplex and a triplex next to the Hagen Park tennis courts is a fiasco costing $400k.  Last budget meeting Julie Carson assured me there was no plan to buy any more properties next to Hagen Park period.  But that’s not what the 2009 City Park Master Plan says.  It calls for expanding Hagen Park and those two properties were part of eight homes targeted for purchase and destruction by this Master Plan.  We need to sell these two properties and get out of the business of mowing down houses to expand our parks.  It does not make a bit of sense with property values so high in this city.

It is my understanding that it cost $150k to build 90 parking spaces in Hagen Park back when the city didn’t have much money to spend. Yet it cost $400k to build 42 parking spaces in the lot across from Kids in Distress.  That’s over five times more per parking space and I’m not even including the $400k cost of the land.

I don’t care how you explain the lower millage rate in relation to rising property values. I just know that the city is raising taxes on people with homesteads by 3% and non-homesteaders by 8%.  This would not have to happen if so much taxpayer money wasn’t being thrown away.

The current number one issue facing our city is crime – specifically home invasions and auto burglaries. We have given the police department almost a half million dollar raise which is what the chief has been requesting for the past two years.  If we don’t see a dramatic decrease in crime then we need to seriously consider changing the leadership of our police department.

September 23, 2014 Speech to the City Commission

Years ago I gave up my homestead tax discount and started doing weekly rentals with my home.  This is called vacation rentals.  This city commission wants to shut down the vacation rental industry because of one or two people who are doing a bad job at this business in this city.  What if there was someone doing terrible auto upholstery work?  Would you want to shut down the entire auto upholstery industry?  Of course not!  And it’s not just Scott Newton, but Tom Green and the mayor are in on this insanity. As the commission has already figured out the state of Florida has not given them the power to do this.  A group of residents in the vacation rental business had to pay $80k in legal fees to prove this five years ago.  The city probably lost that much or more trying to deny these people the ability to make a living.  You can’t shut down an industry.  It’s un-American.

On another topic, Gary and Scott – you need to listen to me carefully. I’m calling for a change in police leadership in this city if the crime rate doesn’t significantly go down and stay down. I’m not talking about letting the BSO take over our police department.  I’m talking about getting rid of Chief O’Connell. I can’t blame him for my idiotic felony arrest which I am still out on bond for and has cost me $20k in legal fees.  He wasn’t in town.  But let me tell you what happened when the chief was here.  in a recent sworn deposition Detective Frank Pilewski said  that quote “there’s a report… I don’t have it in front of me” unquote of a guy matching my description wearing the same Halloween costume I wore who walked into a local bar and said quote “are there any n-words here” unquote The problem with his statement is that the report he mentioned doesn’t exist.  I confirmed this with both the city clerk and the police department clerk.  Frank was trying to bump up my current third degree felony charge to a hate crime which is a second degree felony and can carry life in prison.  This is absolutely disgusting.  Frank Pilewski should not be working on the Wilton Manors Police Force.  And for Chief O’Connell to sit back and AGAIN protect an officer who should have been fired is terrible and he should hit the road.  Unless of course the chief does an incredible job dealing with our home invasions and auto burglaries and not just for one area of town for a short period of time.  But I don’t think he’s up for the challenge no matter how much money you give him because it will never be enough.

Hagen Park Candidates Forum Speech – September 30, 2014

Let me tell you a story I heard about on Saturday. A juvenile runs out in front of a 60 year old union leader who happens to be an ex marine and ex Wilton Manors volunteer fireman causing him to swerve his car away from her a short distance from his home.  She follows him to his house waving her arms,  yelling and cussing at him right up to the edge of his driveway even though he is continuously telling her not to come any closer.  On his way from his car to his front door he shows her he has a gun so she finally backs off.  Ten minutes later two officers arrest him in front of his wife, daughter and grandsons while another is in sniper position behind one of the bushes in his front yard.  An officer says he confessed to two felony counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  A car and a gun.  He strongly denies this confession.  Of course they have witnesses who are friends of the victim.  Sound familiar?  $12k and two misdemeanor guilty pleas later he has been waiting two weeks for the Wilton Manors Police Department to honor the judge’s order to return his firearm.  He can’t wait to retire in four years so he can move out of this town.  I’m not advocating for the BSO to take over the police department.  But if our police leadership doesn’t change then it doesn’t sound like a bad option to consider.  We need to stop rewarding our cops dependant on the number of arrests they make and worry about making our city safer from home invasions and drug dealers.  There are a lot of criminals in this city.  But I am honestly more afraid of our cops*

*Not all cops!!!  Officers involved in this episode: Walls, Yates (both no longer WMPD), Blocker, Turner

WMPD Police report – Gun felony arrest

October 14, 2014 City Commission Speech

I am still out on bond for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which carries a 5 year prison sentence and has cost me $20k in legal fees. A drag queen says I pulled him off a stage in front of 1000 people but the only person who saw it was a friend of his who sells him flowers for his drag show.  Commander Blocker told me that Detective Pilewski said he contacted me before my arrest but I refused to give a statement.  This is a 100% lie.

Commander Blocker was involved in the double felony arrest of an ex-marine and ex Wilton Manors volunteer firefighter in his 60’s. Blocker wrote in his report that the defendant “provided no testimony to indicate that his safety was in imminent danger”. The defendant said a cigar smoking juvenile girl purposely ran in front of his car,  followed him home,  confronting him, accusing him of almost hitting her while cussing and waving her arms.  That would make me think he was in danger, wouldn’t you?

He told her three times not to come any closer but she refused.  The ex marine showed the girl he had a gun at waist level pointed down which was enough to get her to leave.

The girl’s juvenile friend and another adult friend who was mislabeled as an independent witness told a story of the man waving a gun around, pointing it at the frightened girl and encouraging her to come back to his house for some more. Blocker wrote in his report that the defendant said “he never pointed the firearm at anyone and he never waived it around”. But the other officer, Paula Walls, wrote in her report the defendant confessed to these two felony crimes of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (a car and a gun) and provided no reasonable explanation for his actions.  The police car audio conveniently malfunctioned.

The ex-marine eventually pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors to avoid a felony jury trial which I am going to face before Christmas. He has so far paid $12k in legal fees.

Marines live by a set of enduring Core Values which forms the bedrock of their character. Honor guides Marines to exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior; to never lie cheat or steal; to abide by an uncompromising code of integrity.           It’s a shame that some of our police don’t live up to these standards.

October 28, 2014 City Commission Speech

I’m still out on bond for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which carries a 5 year prison sentence. There’s only one witness to this alleged crime, a friend of the victim,  even though it took place on stage in front of 1,000 people.  The Wilton Manors detective didn’t interview the security guard who was working at the venue and who stopped the “victim” from attacking me.  This detective, Frank Pilewski, is currently  involved in an ongoing internal affairs battery investigation from a few months ago when he was drinking at a local bar.  He still goes out drinking at local bars despite repeated complaints to the chief.

I am scheduled for a felony jury trial on November 10 even though the security guard witness and a retired cop witness say I didn’t assault anybody. Jury trials are always a gamble and it’s pathetic that the Wilton Manors Police Department is putting me through this.  So far the chief hasn’t done anything about Frank lying during a sworn deposition.  The chief hasn’t been able to do anything about the sex going on in Colohatchee Park which keeps children and all but the bravest dog walkers from going there.  And now I hear the park will be closed due to construction.  Yeah, right.  The park is being closed because it’s beyond the city’s ability to take care of it.  How pathetic.

Panhandlers who cause shoppers at CVS and Publix to shop elsewhere are left alone because it costs too much to arrest them yet we want to spend millions to build more tennis courts.   The city encourages businesses to hire their own security.  When exactly did we lose our moral bearing?  Don’t worry, I’m talking to the district managers of both CVS and Publix to make sure they handle the situation since the city won’t.

Over 3,000 people have visited my website MayorBoyd.com and most agree that we need to change what is happening with the leadership of our police department.

*UPDATE* Frank Pilewski was named officer of the quarter on October 28, 2014

November 25, 2014 City Commission Speech

The 20 year tradition of people having sex in the restrooms at Colohatchee Park 50 feet from the playground continues.  They line up on the boardwalk and some grab their crotches while starting you down as you walk by the only way into the park.  We’ll talk about this and the fact that CVS is getting a security guard to deal with panhandlers at a later date when I have more time.

My felony trial begins December 8th.  A drag queen says I pulled him off a stage in front of 1,000 people yet there was only one witness – a friend of the profession impersonator.  Now the Wilton Manors Police Department has produced a new witness, two years later.  Alvin Cyr, en employee of the Kalis-McIntee funeral home was interviewed by Detective Frank Pilewski.  It’s been five months since Frank battered me at a local bar in front of a security guard.  But my internal affairs investigation is still pending.

Here is the transcript of the new witness’ statement:

Pilewski:  OK and what did you exactly see during this incident?

Alvin:  I saw the gentleman … waving a tiki torch that was on fire, um, in a – it was pretty much in a hostile manner, he was waving it around like that.

Pilewski:  OK, uh did it look like he was trying to physically assault or physically batter the Dame Edna impersonator that was on stage?

Alvin:  No, it looked like intimidation, maybe or….

Pilewski:  OK and was he waving it at anybody else to your knowledge?

Alvin:  Um, he was just waving it in general but in, in an aggressive manner.

This is the basis for the upcoming aggravated assault with a deadly weapon trial which has so far cost me $20,000 in legal fees.  It’s a shame that one of the oldest businesses in town has to have their reputation tarnished by an employee making up lies.  And for Chief Paul O’Connell to sit back and watch all this happen makes it difficult for him to use the word integrity.  Over 2,000 different people continue to visit my website MayorBoyd.com where they have read the police reports and the depositions about my false arrest.   We need to find a new chief of police who will make safety our number one priority instead of new police cars and increased revenue.

City Commission Speech December 9, 2014  (Written but not read to the commission)

The state’s attorney’s office dropped the felony and misdemeanor charges against me yesterday just one hour before jury selection for my trial.  They found a youtube video showing that Michael Walters who does a Dame Edna show at the Alibi was the one who attacked me and not the other way around.  His friend and witness, local resident Kent Strunk, was also found to be lying when he said I pulled the drag queen off the stage.  Al Cyr, who came forward a month ago was also lying when he said I was waving a tiki torch in an aggressive and hostile manner.  But the most surprising celebrity false witness was our very own Doug Blevins who said I was poking and jabbing other people with my lit tiki torch.  Keep this in mind if he ever runs for another political office in this city.  The video and all of the statements are on my website MayorBoyd.com

My six month old complaints against Detective Frank Pilewski are still pending.  I have contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement about this.  Detective Pilewski lied during his deposition about there being a written report of me using the N-word in order to turn the charges against me into a hate crime.  Then a couple months later he physically battered me in front of a security guard at a local bar.  Chief O’Connell says he needs more time to investigate.

The whole country is fed up with cops breaking the law and facing no accountability.  Instead Frank is given awards by the city commission and the mayor publicly tells him he’s handled this in an honorable way.  Where’s the honor in not properly investigating a drag queen’s ridiculous claim of being assaulted in front of 1,000 people with only one witness, telling terrible lies during a deposition and trying to provoke me into a fight at a local bar?  I think it’s pathetic and he should be fired.  Not only has he cost me $20k in legal fees but he wasted dozens of hours of police and state’s attorneys’ time with this fiasco.

During my campaign a resident told me that police officer Paula Walls searched his groin area three times looking for drugs telling him “I’m going to arrest you for something”.  Chief O’Connell hand picked Paula to work here until she quit a few months ago just like most other police officers since the chief was hired.  Let’s seriously think about hiring a new chief of police who can keep us safe not just from criminals but from police officers too.

April 14, 2015 City Commission Speech

I’m now considered a victim of crime instead of a felony defendant.  The ridiculous assault charges against me were dropped the day of my felony trial when a utube video of the 2012 Haloween incident was found showing that the drag queen victim and his witness friends were all lying.  Doug Blevins even threw his two cents in and was reported to have said that I had attacked several people with a lit tiki torch that evening including Doug himself.   Yet he didn’t come forward with his false story until two years later after losing last year’s mayoral election.

It took me three months and three meetings with the city manager’s office just to get the police to file a police report against these liars which could result in felony arrests.  I’m now waiting to see if the state’s attorney’s office will file charges against them.  So far it appears that no charges will be filed.  One month ago Doug Blevins told me he wished he had the chance to speak to the jury during my felony trial and tell them he witnessed the felony the liars said I committed.  Doug grabbed my arm and after I removed his hand from my arm he told me he would file assault charges against me.  Another lie.  Two nights before that Detective Frank Pilewski elbowed me when I walked by him at a bar.  Most police departments discourage their officers from routinely drinking at local bars.  But this kind of behavior is to be expected when people are allowed to file idiotic felony police reports that are later proven false by video evidence and they are allowed to get away with it.

It is common for small town city commissioners to make extra money through kickbacks from developers looking to get a building permit—, tow truck companies and garbage disposal companies bidding on city contracts –– even companies hired to manage city parking meters.  But when the police prioritize on bringing in revenue instead of public safety this becomes dangerous for our city.  Ferguson like many other municipalities across the country also arrested people to make a profit.  Look at how well that turned out for them.  Wilton Manors deserves better.

I went to Colohatchee Park last week and there were a dozen people hanging out waiting to have sex in the bathrooms.  Of course there were no children playing in the playground which hasn’t happened for the last 20 years.  Since Chief OConnell is more concerned with profits over public safety he should go back to his old job of working as a lawyer and let us find a chief of police who will make this a friendlier, safer city to live in.

April 28, 2015 City Commission Speech

I don’t have any proof that the city commission is receiving kickbacks from businesses contracted  with the city.  I just see contracts that don’t make any sense like paying $340k a year to collect $440k from parking meters, firing Sal’s Towing to hire a more expensive company that’s much further away and staying with Waste Management instead of saving both businesses and residents a ton of money by going with Republic.  Waste Management used to wine and dine city commissioners back in the day when that was legal.

People are still lining up to have sex in the restrooms at Colohatchee Park just a few feet from a children’s playground and the city’s only dog park.

As Baltimore burns we are facing a nationwide epidemic of corrupt police systems.    Police brutality is only the tip of the iceburg.  The Broward County State Attorney’s Office works closely with the WMPD to arrest people.  And the SAO is the only regulatory authority over the WMPD.  This self-governance is not working.  If police arrest people for personal or political reasons then who’s to blame when cops aren’t held accountable for their actions?   This has been going on for a long time but everything has changed now that cameraphone videos are being published.

The city commission should stop giving our police financial incentives to arrest more people.  We need a new chief of police who will do what is right and make public safety the number one priority.

Some cops in this town drive like maniacs when they should setting an example.  They text and make phone calls while driving since their windows are tinted even darker than the law allows for cops.   They should quit trying to hide!  We can still see them on their phones!

The city needs to post all written public comments to their website every time – not just the good comments.  This is a democracy!  Residents have the right to know what is going on even if the truth stings a little bit.

May 12, 2015 City Commission Speech

Things are not ok with our police department.  In 2010 the chief of police was fired for sending out racist emails.  In 2012 the whole police department demanded to take the first step towards a BSO takeover.  Most of those cops don’t work here anymore and most of the new hires didn’t stick around very long.

Last year the second in command was let go after giving another officer a non consensual over the knee spanking.  The 20 year tradition of people having sex in the restrooms of Colohatchee Park continues  every day the park is open.

Last year, a cop car was totaled on Wilton Drive after running head on into an oncoming truck.  Like many of our city’s police, the officer stomped on the gas.  The patrol car fishtailed and ended up three lanes over in a bike lane.  Luckily no one was killed.

In 2012 two cops appeared to be on steroids.  One left the force in early 2013. The other lost 40 pounds of muscle and won an officer of the quarter award for his record number of arrests with his drug sniffing dog.  This is called hypocrisy.  He averaged one arrest per day.

Last June, Detective Frank Pilewski committed battery on me at a local bar.  The security guard witness was apparently persuaded by the police to not tell the truth about what he saw.  Two months ago Frank did the same thing but there were no witnesses.  Two Fridays ago one of Frank’s bar hopping friends kicked me while Frank was standing 5 feet away.  In the past, Chief Paul O’Connell has recommended that I leave any bar that I see Frank in.  This doesn’t work for me.  Not in this country.  If Frank wants to start something with me then I’ll finish it.  Saranell Murphy at the Broward County State’s Attorney Office has told me to contact her personally if the WMPD refuses to write a police report about Frank’s latest battery.

Chief O’Connell averaged one arrest per day when he was an officer.  It’s easy to do when you focus on your own career instead of public safety.  Most innocent people don’t have $20k to defend themselves so they plea guilty to a lesser charge.  We need a chief of police with enough integrity to do what he or she knows is right.  Not a lawyer who defends bad cops.  Chief O’Connell, please resign.

May 26 2015 City Commission Speech

Robert Kennedy said “every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.”  I insist on vast improvements.  Try being black and riding a bike in this town.  You’re going to get pulled over and if you have a police record you’re going to get searched –  whether you consent to it or not.  Why?  Because you’re black and that’s the way it is in this town.  I’ve even heard recent stories about black residents being harassed by our cops for walking their dogs.  Saying they’re loitering.  Ha!  I heard a lot of similar stories while running for mayor.

However the Wilton Manors Police Department is not racially biased when they harass people like me who criticize them.  Two Fridays ago I was pulled over for running a red light.  And going down the street the wrong way.  Two tickets in one traffic stop while I was riding my bicycle.  It was the same cop who filed felony charges against me stemming from a lying drag queen.  I had to ask for him to return my drivers license after he gave me the tickets and was about to walk away.  He then pulled my drivers license out of his pocket.  Unbelievable!

Two Wednesdays ago – and two days before my bicycle tickets – I went to the WMPD and they refused to allow me to file a police report against Detective Frank Pilewski for allegedly elbowing me at Tropics bar two months ago.  Apparently I’ll have to hire a lawyer to accomplish the basic democratic right to file a police report.  Whoever the new city manager will be has to insist on changes in our police department and make public safety the number one priority.  Not additional revenue gained by arresting people minding their own business with a joint in their pocket to be used as a stepping stone in an officer’s career.

When the police along with the state’s attorney allow false victims and false witnesses to lie and make up  a serious felony assault with no repercussions it opens the door for more people to do the same thing.  Doug Blevins became a false witness two years after the alleged felony Halloween incident – right after he lost the mayoral race.  I promise I’ll have more to say about his lies if he ever runs for mayor again.

Colohatchee Park needs a park ranger for several months until people stop having sex in the restrooms as they have been doing for the past 20 years so that the playground there can be used again by families.  Why can’t we divert some of the funds earmarked for more unnecessary shiny new police cars until this situation is brought under control?   We should not even consider closing the only dog park in the city.

June 23, 2015 City Commission Speech

The first thing our new city manager should focus on is hiring a new chief of police because nothing is more important than the safety of our residents.  We need to go back to doing daily patrols around the entire city instead of handing out $300 tickets for speeding or not coming to a complete stop in school zones.  Yes this is a great way to increase revenue to buy more new squad cars but what we really need is less home invasions and fewer people getting run over on Wilton Drive.

Aggressive panhandlers were a big problem in front of Publix and CVS last year but nothing was done because it costs the city $5,000 to arrest them.  So residents were harassed to the point where some did not go shopping at night.   It took me three phone calls to both stores nine months ago to explain the situation and achieve results.  Publix removed the picnic table from in front of their store where panhandlers hung out and CVS hired a nighttime security officer.  The chief could have easily handled this situation himself but the bottom line is that he didn’t.

The chief spent his first few years here fighting with the city commission.  We have experienced a revolving door of newly hired police officers who leave after a short time.  And when Doug Blevins went to the WMPD last November – right after losing last year’s mayoral election – to tell a lie about me assaulting him with a deadly weapon two years ago, the police gladly took his false statement so he could lie to the jury during my felony trial.  You’d have to be an idiot to think that Doug’s statement wasn’t politically motivated.  Chief O’Connell is not an idiot.  He just places more emphasis on money and politics over public safety and what he knows to be the truth.  Chief O’Connell needs to hit the road and take Detective Frank Pilewski and Officer Kevin Loughren with him.  I will not put up with being physically harassed at local bars and given a $330 ticket for riding my bicycle through a red light by the WMPD.

On another topic, Colohatchee Park has been the place to go to have sex in the bathrooms for the past 20 years.  A whole generation of children have not been able to use this park for this reason.  Money needs to be allocated towards hiring a park ranger for as long as it takes to get this situation under control so we can take back our city’s only dog park.  I’d like to hear what the perspective members of the recreation advisory board have to say about this.  If they don’t say anything then I’ll assume they think things are fine just the way they are.

October 13, 2015 City Commission Speech

I spent the summer traveling around Canada for two months.  I have been to Canada for the past dozen summers except for 2013 and 2014 when I was out on bond because people with open felony charges are not allowed into Canada.  The felony charges were dropped last December when a utube video surfaced showing a drag queen named Michael Walters made up the whole story of him being attacked.  The video showed he was lying in his sworn deposition but perjury charges were not filed against him.

I spent five hours today at the Broward County Courthouse because this same lying drag queen was trying to get a restraining order against me.  Again, his false accusations were thrown out by the court but my time and money were wasted.  This drag queen knows that he can lie all he wants with no repercussions.  It seems like the Wilton Manors Police Department is using this guy to get at me because I complain about a detective who repeatedly has tried to provoke me into a confrontation at local bars and another officer who appears to have been under the influence of anabolic steroids while on duty.  I was given a $275 ticket for riding my bicycle in a bike lane on the wrong side of the road and its worth three points on my driving record which increases the cost of my car insurance.  The bottom line is that we need a new chief of police.  One that won’t allow Doug Blevins to come forward two years later and say he saw me attack people with a deadly weapon just days after he lost the mayoral election.  The police need to stop using these lying idiots to press false charges against me.

I received an email from the city wishing me a happy Rosh Hashanah and explaining it’s celebrated with sweet foods symbolizing good health.  If you want to educate us about Jewish tradition and history why not tell us about a German Lutheran Pastor named Martin Neimoller and his poem titled “First they came” concerning the cowardly German intellectuals who stood back and did nothing while innocent people were sent to concentration camps.  The poem ends with “Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me”.   Chief O’Connell knows what is right yet he chooses to do what is wrong.  Therefore he should leave our city so we can hire someone who puts public safety first.

November 10, 2015 City Commission Speech

During my last speech I made a reference to Martin Neimoller’s poem titled “Then they came for me”.  The point was that he was sent to jail by the Nazis not because he was a Jew or a socialist.  It was because he criticized the Nazi regime.

In the past I have publicly criticized the WMPD of many things such as officers who appeared to be on steroids.  I have seen officers texting while driving and complained about squad cars window tinting being darker than the law allows which lets them text even more.  I’ve formally complained about Detective Frank Pilewski drinking in bars and acting confrontational at these bars.  He should be fired.  And I’ve complained about them not filing perjury charges against a drag queen and Doug Blevins who both made up a story of me attacking people with a lit tiki torch.  These charges were proven false by a video so the felony charges carrying a 5 year prison sentence were dropped.

One month ago the same drag queen tried to get a restraining order against me using more false accusations of violence.  The judge dismissed his allegations.  Now the second liar, Doug Blevins tells me he wants a restraining order against me.  He didn’t like it when I again explained to him that the idea of turning Wilton Drive from a four lane road into a two lane road and planting trees down the middle of it was an unrealistic and extremely expensive idea.  So Doug called the cops on me.  They arrived at Scandals bar literally within 3 minutes  and were at my house 10 minutes later with their lights flashing.  This was last Friday night.  It was the same officer who arrested me for the drag queen felony incident, the one who appeared to be on steroids and wasn’t fired for it and who gave me the $275 ticket for riding my bicycle the wrong way in a bike lane which included 3 points on my drivers license.  I saw him today and it looks like he gained 50 pounds of muscle which is a sign of steroid use.  My lawyer called the WMPD to tell them not to contact me without a warrant.  The cop yelled at my lawyer and told him not to call the police department anymore.  I have requested a copy of that audio tape.

Two Sundays ago there were cones in the middle of 26th street for a few blocks all day long.  It was impossible to pass a bicyclist there.  Two cones were knocked over and were in the eastbound lane.  I called the police and was told that they were aware of the situation and the cones should have been picked up by the contractor at 4 am right after the Halloween street party.  If I hadn’t called then the dangerous situation would have been there until Monday.

It was a mistake to hire chief Paul O’Connell.  He argued with the city commission for the first couple of years on the job.   Our police department is a revolving door of officers being hired then leaving.  Training is expensive!  We need a new chief who will make sure the school zone flashing lights aren’t flashing at the wrong times as they were yesterday on 29th Street.  Someone who can turn off the police signs announcing a street party sooner than two days after the event.   I’ve already formally put the city on notice of an upcoming false arrest lawsuit.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”  MLK

November 24, 2015 City Commission Speech

On December 3, 2014, one month after Doug Blevins lost his campaign for mayor of Wilton Manors, an email was sent to the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.  Michael Walters the Dame Edna drag queen who falsely accused me of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon wrote: “We’re on the phone with Doug Blevins now…. and he just informed us that he was in the crowd at (the) Alibi that night and encountered Corbin.  He says to us that he witnessed him waving and poking the torch into other people’s faces and indeed once toward(s) Doug’s own face.  He says he’d be glad to speak to you.  His number is 954…..”

The next day my defense lawyer received a notice from the State Attorney’s Office stating there was a new witness named Doug Blevins testifying that “the said Defendant, Boyd Corbin…. did take his lit tiki torch and poked/jabbed other patrons in a manner similarly situated to that of what was done to the Victim on that same night.”

Doug waited over two years to come out as a witness just four days before my felony trial.  Just before jury selection a youtube video was discovered proving the tiki torch attack was a fabricated lie.

In my research I found that pathological lying is not recognized as a disorder in itself,  rather it is seen as a symptom of other disorders.  A habitual liar may lie for self esteem reasons but a pathological liar lies because it will get him to a result and that is all that matters no matter who gets hurt.  A pathological liar is charming, has a plastic smile and tries to get you to feel sorry for him.  When busted for telling a lie he will become vindictive and fabricate another lie.  Doug once grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.  When I removed his hand from my arm he ran after me saying he would get a restraining order on me for touching him.   Recently he called the police and lied about verbal harassment and the police advised him to get a restraining order on me.  Doug is trying to stop me from making speeches which is my constitutional right as the city commission has already found out.

In less than two years, the chief of police went from asking the city commission for another drug sniffing dog to suggesting that marijuana be decriminalized.  Three years ago I complained about Officer Kevin Loughran who appeared to be on steroids.  He quickly lost 40 pounds.  This year he appears to have gained 50 pounds of muscle.  Do not lump these two drugs together because it is dangerous for residents to have an officer either on steroids or an officer withdrawing from steroids.  He should be tested and if positive fired.

2013 City Commission Speech – still applicable today!

It is imperative that Wilton Manors creates a policy to keep their police officers off of anabolic steroids.  It’s a third degree felony to possess steroids in Florida.  Do we really want felons as our police officers?  I’m not talking about the hypocrisy of an officer who is using drugs arresting someone for possession of drugs.   I’m talking about the real danger to our community of roid rage and the bonds created between the using police and dealing criminals.  Not to mention the very serious health effects of steroid use that our tax dollars pay for.  Recently there was a single Jersey City doctor who falsely prescribed steroids to 248 police officers.  Very few people actually need steroids for medical reasons.  Those who do don’t need enough to pack on 40 pounds of muscle.  That’s called being a drug user.  Being on drugs.  New Jersey now requires a fitness evaluation for officers who fill prescription for steroids.  If a police officer is prescribed steroids it should be properly monitored.  Steroid abuse is a legitimate problem facing all police departments.

Anabolic steroids are Schedule III drugs, right up there with codeine, morphine and opium.  By definition they may lead to low to moderate  physical dependence,  or high psychological dependence.  They are  addictive drugs.   The withdrawals can last more than a year and include  mood swings, fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, and depression which can lead to suicide attempts.  Is this the kind of person you want to give a gun to?  Think of the liabilities to the city.  Police steroid abuse has been a known problem since 1989 when the show 60 Minutes interviewed three ex-cops who described their incidents of roid-rage when dealing with the public.  Yesterday a 17 year veteran of the jail system told me “roid rage is real”.  We need to proactively address this issue instead of waiting for something bad to happen.  Let’s learn from other city’s mistakes.

So what should be done?  Legally you have two options:  You can implement random drug testing for steroids which is expensive at $250 per test.  Or you can test an officer if you have reasonable suspicion they are abusing steroids such as visible gaining or losing of muscle over a few months. I’m talking about 30 to 40 pounds.  There are Wilton Manors police officers right now that match this description and they need to be tested for steroids.  Hair tests can go back six months or longer.  Don’t leave this up to the chief to handle in his own way.  He is neither a doctor nor a psychologist.  If there are drug addict criminals in our police force, they need to be replaced.  Period.  We all know substance abusers whether it’s drugs or alcohol.  Do they successfully quit on the first try?  I don’t think so.

December 8, 2015 City Commission Speech

The twenty year history of people having sex in the bathrooms at Colohatchee Park continues.  Panhandlers are back at CVS.  People are being run over on Wilton Drive.  The solution?  The Chief of Police wants to start writing pedestrians and bicyclists tickets and continue his policy of speed traps only in school zones which are much more profitable than on Wilton Drive where there are no speed traps.  We need to put public safety over police profits.

Wilton Manors needs a police accountability task force to handle complaints about our police.  Right now complaints are handled by the chief and are routinely dismissed.   Chicago recently created a police task force since 97% of complaints against officers were bushed aside.   A task force would be able to handle their own investigations into police wrongdoing.   Wilton Manors Police Detective Frank Pilewski tapped me on my shoulder while a group of his friends were yelling at me at a bar trying to instigate a fight.  The security guard witness told me “What Frank is doing is wrong”.  Yet his story changed when he was interviewed by the WMPD.

Cell phone videos are exposing police who abuse their power.   One such video saved me from a felony jury trial when a professional impersonator and an actor named Doug Blevins made up a story of me attacking people with a deadly weapon.  Kevin Loughran was one of two officers who appeared to be on steroids when he falsely arrested me.  One officer lost his job after I publicly complained about police steroid use and Kevin lost forty pounds.  He appears to be back on steroids since has put on a huge amount of muscle this year.   Officer Loughran needs to be tested for steroids and fired if found positive.

He has retaliated against me for complaining about steroids by writing me five hundred dollars worth of tickets carrying six points towards my drivers license from a single bicycle riding incident while I was riding my bicycle in a bike lane.  His harassment didn’t end there.  After he wrote me the tickets he put my drivers license in his pocket and was about to drive away.  I had to ask him for my license back.  But don’t take my word for it.  Look at the video of the actual incident that I posted on Youtube.  Just Google Wilton Manors and Kevin Loughran spelled L O U G H R A N.  Of course Chief Paul O’Connel  won’t hold him accountable for his actions.  That’s why our city needs a police accountability task force made up of residents to oversee complaints about the police.  The video is also on my website MayorBoyd.com

April 12, 2016 City Commission Speech concerning the two lane initiative

An article in last week’s newspaper quoted Mayor Gary Resnick  saying “it’s a good problem to have” when asked about our city’s parking problem.  The same article quoted Commissioner Tom Green saying “We almost need to make it not easy to park”.  We are way beyond that point.

The majority of the people who support the two lane initiative that I’ve talked to would prefer a parking garage.  They see diagonal parking as their only hope of getting more parking in the city even if it’s only about 100 extra parking spaces which is not even enough for our current needs much less and our future needs.  Just imagine the traffic nightmare created by cars waiting for drivers to move their parked cars.  Plus it’s impossible for diagonally parked cars to use their mirrors to see bicyclists on the road behind them.

We need to stop paying $20-30K per space and bring that cost down to half that amount by building a 300 car parking garage which will pay for itself in the long run.  We need to stop paying Lanier $350k per year and have either city or police employees manage the meters.  People don’t realize that the city owns the meters, pay for Lanier’s office space and even give them a bonus commission based on revenue.

The reason that Wilton Drive has become an autobahn is because the WMPD makes more money handing out $300 tickets twice a day, every  weekday in our school zones while neglecting Wilton Drive which is where people are getting killed.  Sure they’ve stepped things up over the past few months but they also spent several months trying to clean up the sexual activity in Colohatchee Park before giving up on it.

I talked to a lady who got a $150 ticket for doing 33 in a 30 on Wilton Drive plus she said the cop acted like a real jerk.  That’s not the word she used.  I got a $500 worth of tickets and 6 points for riding my bicycle through a red light and riding against traffic in a bike lane which seems like retaliation for complaining that Officer Kevin Loughran appears to be on steroids.  I paid the $500 plus another $500 in legal fees to get rid of the 6 points.  My premium car insurance company dropped me two weeks ago because of these tickets  so now I have to pay an extra $500 a year with Progressive.  These two examples do nothing to stop real speeders.

Instead of tearing up a perfectly good road which will provide inadequate parking as our city grows, we should build a big parking garage and hire a chief of police whose priority is public safety instead of profits.

April 12, 2016 City Commission Speech

Over the past five years our police department has unsuccessfully tried many ways to get a handle on the speeding problem on Wilton Drive.  But in the end it’s been a failure.

An even bigger and more dangerous problem has to do with home invasions.  Routine police patrols of our neighborhoods stopped when Chief Paul O’Connell took over.  I’ve heard that residents who report breakins to the police get an attitude of “oh we know it’s a big problem” from the police.

Panhandling is still a big problem at Publix, CVS and other businesses around five points.  When I called the WMPD to report an aggressive drugged out panhandler nobody showed up and nobody called me back.

Residents consistently see cops flooring the gas pedal on their cars just for fun.  When a cop totaled her car after fishtailing and running into a vehicle going in the opposite direction she didn’t lose her job.  Cop car windows are tinted darker than the law allows so that cops can use their cell phones and computers while driving.  Other than when Wilton Drive is closed for special events, the only time most people see our police out of their cars is when they are getting tickets.

After being falsely arrested by a WMPD detective who knows me from his drinking at local bars, I had to file two battery charges against Detective Frank Pilewski for incidents in different bars.  Perjury charges were never filed against the lying false witnesses who cost me $20k in legal fees.  Instead two of them were told by the WMPD to get restraining orders on me when they made up two more false allegations against me.  One allegation of violent stalking was thrown out in court after the lying drag queen didn’t have a response when the judge asked him what I did that was violent at a convention.  Yet dismissed charges of violent stalking still show up on my record.   I am in the process of paying a lawyer $1500 to remove the dismissed false felony arrest from my record.

When I give speeches about our cops in other Florida cities people find it hard to believe we recently fired our second in command after he gave another officer an over the knee spanking.  People understand the problem of officers on steroids.  They just don’t get why it’s allowed to happen.  I am much more afraid of a vindictive, apparently drugged up cop than I am of any criminal in this city.  Doug Blevins who was one of the lying witnesses supporting my false arrest told the police I was verbally harassing him at a bar last fall.  The cops were at the bar within 3 minutes and knocking at my front door within another 5 minutes.  My lawyer called the police department while two squad cars with their lights flashing were outside my home.   He was yelled at and told not to call back again.

We don’t need to change our roads.  We need to change our chief of police.

April 26, 2016 City Commission Speech

Last week I met Mike Satz, the Broward County State Attorney.  He recommended that I sue the city of Wilton Manors for my false arrest.  I spent all day yesterday at the Broward County Courthouse trying to remove the felony arrest from my record which affects me every time I travel internationally.  I also petitioned a judge to remove the dismissed false stalking charges brought against me by the same false victim behind my felony arrest.  I met with the supervisor of the department that handles restraining orders since the WMPD has told Doug Blevins to get one on me like they apparently told the felony false victim to do.  The WMPD is showing these idiots how to waste county resources in the domestic violence division which should be spent on real victims which I saw plenty of there.

I also met with Jeff Marcus, the Broward County Chief Assistant State Attorney.  I had to educate him on the fact that anabolic steroids are illegal without a prescription.  He didn’t know that.  Officer Kevin Loughran’s muscle mass has gone way up and way down since I complained about Wilton Manors cops appearing to be on steroids.  He’s currently built like a professional wrestler and has a history of overly-aggressive actions.  Our city manager recently told me she doesn’t think he’s on steroids.  Ms Henderson, we don’t pay you $151k per year to think.  We are paying you to make sure our cops aren’t on drugs while arresting people for drug possession.

It’s almost funny to hear Commissioner Tom Green give us a list of new things to buy for the city and in the same breath say he wants to lower taxes.  It must be election season.

Residents need to vote on whether they want to turn Wilton Drive from a 5 lane road to a 2 lane road which would cause traffic nightmares.  If that happens then Wilton Manors taxpayers will need to spend several million dollars to maintain the road – not under $100k per year as we are being told.  A report sent to the FDOT mentions a meeting at Wilton Manors city hall where 120 residents strongly supported lane elimination.  However the city clerk informed me there was no such meeting that day.  Even if there was, 1% of our population should not decide for the other 99%.   Some people are told there will be 100 extra diagonal parking spaces created.  Others are told about wider sidewalks and trees where parking spaces were.  Don’t tell us that residents can help design the road after the lane elimination is a done deal.  Figure it out first – then let us vote to see if residents even want lane elimination.  Most don’t.

May 10, 2016 City Commission Meeting

I’ve been talking to a lot of residents about the two lane initiative which takes a perfectly good 5 lane road, Wilton Drive, and turns it into a 2 lane road while planting trees where cars would have driven and parked.  Most people just don’t get it.  They don’t understand why anyone would want to cause traffic jams on purpose.  The city commission is well aware of the traffic chaos that would result and brush it off saying people would find alternative routes on Andrews Avenue, Powerline Road and Dixie Highway.  What about traffic jams created on these roads?

But I haven’t talked to anyone who has any idea of the immense cost it will be to Wilton Manors taxpayers since the Florida Department of Transportation would no longer pay for maintaining the almost one mile stretch of Wilton Drive up to five points.  The city commission is telling us we are getting a once in a lifetime deal since the FDOT won’t charge us anything to “buy” the road from them.  Residents were told two years ago that the FDOT was demanding $6 million to allow the city of Wilton Manors to purchase the road.  However I met with the director of the Ft Lauderdale regional FDOT two weeks ago who told me they don’t sell roads to cities.  She had no idea where the $6 million dollar figure came from.  It was probably the cost to resurface the road which needs to be done every 10-15 years which is more than the cost to build a 300 car parking garage which the city needs and would pay for itself over time.

The city commission doesn’t want residents to vote on whether they want Wilton Drive narrowed.  Get that on the ballot Commissioner Green. They want to ask residents for their input AFTER lane elimination is a done deal.  They show us a ridiculous slide show with a sketch of the proposed Wilton Drive with a bus lane going one direction and a car lane going the other direction explaining they will tweak it.

They refuse to comment on the fact that a report sent to the FDOT references a June 4, 2015 city hall meeting which never happened.  That report falsely stated that 120 Wilton Manors residents strongly supported lane elimination even though that meeting never happened.  I am asking for a written explanation on where this false information came from and why it has not been corrected.  It seems that the city commission routinely ignores comments from the public

Concerning the 17% increase in a sales tax, I don’t support it.  It’s another case of giving money to politicians to spend as they choose instead of having them put together a proposal detailing what exactly they would do with an extra $310 million per year.

June 14, 2016 City Commission Speech – Wilton Manors

Two years ago the manager of Candy Nightclub in Oklahoma City was arrested by the police for failure to prevent overcrowding.  The maximum capacity was more than doubled and the police did their job to keep people safe.

We had a similar situation two years ago at Bill’s Filling Station in Wilton Manors.   It was obviously over capacity.  People could hardly move.   I contacted the Fort Lauderdale Fire Chief and met with one of his top staff.  The local Wilton Manors fire official stopped by the nightclub and found no violations.  The bar owner ended up leaving town after an alleged DWI and cocaine possession incident.

There are no bars that I’m aware of in Wilton Manors that count the number of people inside.  Many bars which can fit hundreds of people don’t even have security at all entrances.  This creates a deadly situation in the event of a fire and it can greatly increase casualties during a terrorist attack.

In 1973, 32 people died at a gay club called the Upstairs Lounge in New Orleans due to an arson attack simply using lighter fluid.  Neighbor’s Bar in Seattle has had three arson attacks.  One was on New Years Eve 2014 while 750 people were inside.  A container of gasoline was lit at the bottom of the stairs by a man who was quoted saying “Homosexuals should be exterminated”.

The system to protect residents of Wilton Manors is broken.  Our police department focuses on revenue and increasing arrest numbers instead of public safety.  The city manager has said it’s too expensive to deal with drugged up aggressive panhandlers at CVS and Publix.  I’ve complained about the police in the past.  And just like what happens in Russia I’ve been harassed by the police.  After complaining about WMPD Officer Loughran for appearing to be on illegal steroids, he gave me $500 worth of tickets and six points on my drivers license for one bicycle riding incident.

I expect the city commission to once again ignore my words.  That’s why I’m sending a copy of this speech to the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust which insures the city.  Now that they have been put on notice of occupancy laws being broken they might be liable for more than the $200k that Florida law deems is the maximum amount a city can be sued for.

Nick Berry spent five years in prison for drug trafficking.  He has been on the Wilton Manors planning and zoning board for over a decade and another city board for a few years.  He is co-owner of a Wilton Manors bar.  Should we let people like him decide the right number of people to cram into a bar?  The answer is no.

I am running for mayor and my website is MayorBoyd.com

Speech to the Florida Police Accreditation Panel – June 22, 2016

Back in 2012 I complained about Officer Loughran and Officer Rohr appearing to be on steroids.  Within three months Officer Rohr no longer worked for the police department  and Officer Loughran appeared to have lost 40 pounds of muscle.  To retaliate he gave me $500 worth of tickets worth 6 points on my drivers license for one incident of riding my bicycle in a bike lane.  He’s gained back about 80 pounds of muscle and he looks like a professional wrestler.  If you google Kevin Loughran Wilton Manors you will see the Youtube video I posted showing him about to walk away from me with my drivers license in his pocket right after giving me those tickets.  I had to ask for my drivers license back.  The Orlando shooter was an abuser of steroids
The city is narrowing our main drive from a 5 lane road to a 2 lane road mainly because people are getting run over and killed on Wilton Drive.  Yet we never ever have foot patrol cops.  They are needed to assist pedestrians.   People drive 50 or 60 mph on Wilton Drive which is a 30 mph zone.  Yet there are hardly any much needed speed traps there. I think it’s because more money can be made with tickets in school zones.
People line up to have sex in the bathrooms at Colohatchee Park which is the city’s only dog park.  I was there Sunday and Monday and both days there were 5 people waiting to have sex.  The wmpd has tried and failed to clean up the park
Cops in our town constantly drive aggressively while not in pursuit.  They are free to text and type on their computers while driving since their windows are tinted darker than the law allows.  This is a terrible example to set
 I feel that if I don’t run for mayor and if I didn’t put the city on notice of a potential lawsuit for false arrest then I would not be safe in Wilton Manors due to the cops.  I am much more afraid of the police than I am of any criminal in town.  I have installed video cameras in my home to protect myself from the police.
Our police department is constantly hiring new officers because they keep quitting. They are almost never fully staffed
Panhandling was a big problem two years ago at CVS and Publix.  The city determined it would cost too much to arrest them so they were left alone.  Some people including the mother of a code compliance officer stopped shopping at those stores. I contacted vice presidents at both companies.  Publix removed the picnic table from in front of their supermarket.  CVS hired a private nighttime security guard for 6 months.  Afterwords I contacted the wmpd about a drugged up aggressive panhandler in front of CVS.  The police never showed up and didn’t contact me as requested.  When pressed they said they were too busy with another call.
The department does not lead, they react.  They run around and put out fires when the city complains to them.  Then, a few months later, they put out another fire.  There is almost no communication between residents and the police.  Residents see cops out of their cars only when they are getting tickets.
We need a real leader as chief of police.  Not some shy lawyer.  Please don’t encourage poor leadership by reaccrediting the wmpd.  Help us stop policing for a profit.  We need someone who will make public safety their first priority.
 I was not given an opportunity to speak at the panel discussion room at 8:30 this morning. I would have made a citizen call if I had known I could have. The Wilton Manors accreditation person was not able to tell me which newspaper they advertised in asking for comments from residents. If you really wanted to hear from residents you would require it to be posted in more than just one newspaper, in the city’s newsletter and on the police department website. However you will need to tell the wmpd to update their website. It currently is announcing an upcoming meeting which happened two and a half years ago.

June 23, 2016 Special City Commission Meeting

Wilton Manors residents are sick and tired of paying more and more taxes every year.  Last year Mayor Resnick bragged about the city’s tax rate not going up.  Yes, but we still paid more taxes since home values rose.  This year house prices continued their double digit rise AND the tax rate went up – a double whammy!  But the parking rate rose by 50%, a new $750 per year vacation rental tax went into place and new businesses have to pay over $15k towards the parking fund just to get a business permit.   We are paying for a new full time park ranger but there’s still a huge sex in the bathroom problem at Colohatchee Park.   Enough is enough!

Now you support a 17% Broward County tax increase for transportation and infrastructure to the tune of $310 million per year.  And Commissioner Tom Green says this would really help Colohatchee Park.  Really?  I don’t think so.  The Wilton Manors Police Department has tried and failed to get a handle on this issue.  The new expensive full time park ranger only pops in on Colohatchee Park every  once in a while.  He should spend at least four hours a day there as long as there’s this problem.  The bottom line is it’s still not a place to bring your kids.  And it’s an uncomfortable place for residents to walk their dogs in the city’s only dog park.

Commissioner Green wants solar panels for city hall.  Why?  Because lots of other city halls have them.  Not because they would save money or because there are free grants out there.   If that’s not the case then use the money to pay down the bond owed on city hall.

We are throwing away $400k per year paying Lanier to read the meters we paid for because we are too lazy to do it ourselves.  We don’t need to rent extra office space – we can have people pay their tickets right at city hall.  We are paying about $30k per parking space to build new parking lots.  Building a parking garage would cost half that amount.  And at the same time we are giving away $180k of parking spaces to Rumors so they can put tables there.  Does this make any sense?  I realize the co-owner of Rumors is on a couple city boards.  But can’t we give him a plaque or something thanking him for his service to the city instead?

Residents are fed up with your spendthrift ways.  And voters are watching to see which members of the city commission are voting for more taxes.  They will remember it when they vote in November.   Maybe that’s why Tom Green isn’t at the meeting today.

July 12, 2016 City Commission Speech

Last year, residents paid $8.5m toward their water and sewer bills.  $1.5m of that was transferred out of the utility fund to the city’s general fund to balance the budget.  This money did not go toward paying off the utility fund’s bond.  No.  It went to hire more city employees and give them a raise in wages of over 6%.  About half of the city employees got even more bonuses on top of that.  Article 12 of the city’s Operating Budget Policies states “  The City will not use long‐term debt to finance expenditures required for current operations”.  But isn’t that exactly what we are doing if the utility fund borrows money and transfers money out of the fund instead of paying off the debt?  This is called a hidden tax.  Commissioner Newton, a few city commission meetings ago you told us the city pays the same rate for water as Ft Lauderdale does.  You’re talking about the wholesale rate, not the retail rate that residents are billed.  Next year, the City of Ft Lauderdale will raise water rates by 5% or $108k to the City of Wilton Manors.  But Wilton Manors wants to raise our water and sewer bills by another nearly a half a million dollars to balance our budget!  That is an unnecessary $392k raise in water rates to be paid for by residents.   Wilton Manors is playing the same game with a half million dollars in garbage collection fees.  I strongly suggest that the city cut back on expenditures instead of resorting to implementing  hidden taxes.  Do we really need a new position created for a Director of Parks and Recreation?  How much more money will this cost our residents?

Revenue from parking meters and parking fines last year was $701k.  But only $184k was leftover to build much needed parking spaces.  Over $400k was wastefully paid to Lanier so they could pay part time employees $11 an hour (without benefits) to issue parking tickets.   This could easily be done in house for $100k per year saving the city $300k per year.   How did the city spend that $184k?  The city allowed Rumors to expand  onto 6 premium parking spaces so that a private business can expand their restaurant and increase THEIR revenue. Now, the city is replacing those parking spaces behind Bona Pizza which Wilton Manors residents are paying for in hidden taxes to the tune of over $30k per space, which comes out to about $184k.  Yes, $700k in parking revenue from residents and visitors went to pay for replacing Nick Berry’s parking spaces.  If you want this to continue, then vote for Gary Resnick for his fifth term as mayor.

August 23, 2016 City Commission Meeting

I knocked on the doors of hundreds of Wilton Manors east side residents’ homes over the past couple of weeks.  The vast majority are very upset with the special zoning approval of the 100 unit condo building going up at the church site at 16th Ave.  They do not want a 60 foot high building looking into their backyards and they don’t want the traffic it will bring.  Developers contributed three separate $1000 donations towards mayor Gary Resnick’s political campaign in one day.  Two thousand went to Julie Carson and one thousand to Tom Green.  The East Side Neighborhood Association recommends 40 units at three stories but they are being ignored by the city commission.  I suggest a large campaign contribution to get their attention.

80% of residents I’ve talked to are against narrowing Wilton Drive because of the traffic it will create and the cost to taxpayers even though mayor Gary Resnick has assured us it won’t cost taxpayers a dime.  We don’t believe you Gary.  The final public hearing is scheduled for September 13 at 5:30 at the Ft Lauderdale high school but we don’t know the capacity of the room.  Mayor Resnick teased us with holding a referendum which won’t happen.  Now its unknown how many residents will be able to even attend this final public hearing.

The plan for narrowing Wilton Drive will make the road much more dangerous for bicyclists since there will be a five foot wide bike lane next to a three foot wide buffer zone.  Cars will use this eight foot wide space to pass cars that are stopped in the single lane waiting for a parking space.  Bicyclists will get run over.  This is a terrible design.

A resident told me the crosswalk at 15th Ave and 24th Street is very dangerous since people can’t see the white painted lines because the lines are dirty.  They match the light grey color of the road.  Pressure washing these white lines every few months is necessary for public safety.  The resident also told me of hosting an out of town visitor who went to Colohatchee Park and found used condoms and feces there.  How embarrassing!  We are paying for an additional full time park ranger that none of the dog walkers I’ve talked to have ever seen.  The Parks and Rec  board recommends removing the playground and throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into the park.  Three generations of children playing in that park will come to an end because the police along with parks and rec can’t stop the daily sexual activity in the bathrooms and on the boardwalk.  How pathetic.  These are some of the reasons why I’m running for mayor.

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August 23, 2016 budget meeting speech

City employees have been getting 6-7% raises over the past 3-4 years.  This is too much considering that the inflation rate has been less than 1%.  Some of this is funded by the half million in additional real estate tax revenue going to Wilton Manors.  But much of it is coming from an additional $300k in extra fees tacked onto our water and utility bills.  These extra fees which have nothing to do with utilities are costing taxpayers around $2m per year.  The city’s utility fund borrows over a million dollars so that over a million can be transferred to the general fund to pay for city employee raises.  Nothing is being saved for future utility expenses.  This is just wrong.  I’m being told that there were three years that city employees didn’t get any raises while inflation was at 2%.  A one year 6% raise would have taken care of that.  Four years of 6-7% raises is just irresponsible and unsustainable governing.

I just got my tax bill a couple days ago.  I’m paying another $577 per year in taxes.  There is a $2.2m assessment that I’d like to know more about.   We are paying Lanier $450k per year to read our meters and write us tickets which they get a percentage  of.  I just found out today that Lanier’s manager has been on medical leave for the past 3 months.  Though I assume we are still paying him tens of thousands of dollars while he’s been away.  The city needs to stop nickel and diming revenue out of residents for parking meters, dog park fees, fire assessments and policing for a profit with their enthusiastic ticketing in school zones.

September 20, 2016 City Commission Budget Meeting Speech

I’ve attended over ten hours of budget meetings over the past two months and I can say for certain that you are wasting millions of dollars of taxpayer money.    Real estate taxes are going up $500k this year.  We pay Lanier $450k per year to read the meters the city paid for and they make twice as much money as the city does.  I just hope that someone is lining their pockets or else this deal wouldn’t make a bit of sense.  City employee salaries have been going up 6-7% for the past three years costing the city $300k the first year, $600k the second year and $1m the third year.  How are we paying for this expense of $1.5m?  The city jacks up the water bill by that much.  $1.5m has been transferred from the utility fund and is deposited into the general fund each year over the past three years.  But $1.5m a year isn’t enough so the city has been raising the price of water by 5% each year.  Scott Newton told us our city doesn’t pad the water bill but that’s just an outright lie.  Many older residents I’ve talked to say their water bill is more than their electric bill.  That means they turn off their a/c to save money and probably try to use less water.  Most sign my petition against narrowing Wilton Drive so we won’t throw away another million or two dollars on a road that is in perfect shape as is.  Wilton Drive just needs crosswalks and police patrols.

The city’s residents, businesses and visitors all desperately need a parking garage.  We have the space for it but our mayor cries poor while commissioners look for a private “partner” dumb enough to not only to pay for and build a parking garage — but also put a hotel on top of it.  Some residents think this city commission is in the pockets of real estate developers.  You put a 100 unit 60 foot tall condo proposal on the zoning fast track regardless that not one resident east of Dixie Highway and south of 26th Street wants it.  I know because I’ve knocked on all of their doors.  Real estate developers are currently the mayor’s largest campaign contributors.  Same with city commissioners.   It’s time for some term limits to stop this waste of taxpayer money.

January 10, 2017 City Commission Speech

In 3 weeks, the Community Affairs Advisory Board will again decide whether or not to survey residents about the Wilton Manors Police Department. I strongly support this survey. I attended CAAB’s September meeting but the planned discussion on this survey was postponed. I sent a board member a follow up email who wrote “the survey will be finalized for distribution during the October meeting”. But that meeting was cancelled. The police survey was voted down during November’s CAAB meeting even though residents were told it was going to happen.

I’ve already told the city commission about my false arrest here in Wilton Manors and the police retaliation after filing complaints about it. The arresting officer Kevin Loughran gave me $500 worth of tickets worth 6 points on my drivers license for riding my bicycle in a bike lane and I had to file two battery complaints against Detective Frank Pilewski for incidents at bars where he drinks and is known to at act aggressively. Two people known to have given false statements to the WMPD including Doug Blevins were encouraged to file more false statements against me by the WMPD on two separate occasions. Just last week one or both of them told a judge more false statements about me. I still have a violent felony arrest on my record even though the police report says the lying victim gave a false police report and gave a false recorded sworn statement. No perjury charges were ever filed.

While campaigning for mayor, residents have told me about a black man being threatened with loitering while walking his dog, a black teenager being arrested for theft but the charges were dropped right after he spent hundreds of dollars on bond to be released. His record will most likely show this arrest for the rest of his life. I’ve heard about a drunk man having his ankle shattered after an officer body slammed him and filed felony charges against him for attacking an officer which he swears did not happen. I’ve heard of a resident being threatened with arrest after a WMPD officer showed him a bag full of drugs which came from the officer’s squad car.

The Sun Sentinel published an article last week about a Broward County police officer who threatened a man with arrest for possession of crack if he didn’t grant him routine sexual favors (that’s called rape). The man was lucky enough to escape through a security room window where he hid in the bushes until his wife got him. They had to spend a night at a hotel because the officer was waiting for him at his home. This is not from a movie. This is real life here in Broward County. Imagine how many innocent people are in jail on false charges just because officers didn’t get what they wanted. A similar incident happened in Oakland Park and the officer is still in jail for rape.

Surveys that can be completed anonymously need to be distributed to residents. They should not ask about the resident’s ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. These things don’t matter. Police abuse their powers either for personal or departmental gain. Don’t make it seem like anything else.