Parking Meters – A bad deal

Ever wonder why so many businesses on Wilton Drive only last a year or two?  $1.50 per hour parking is part of the problem.  And MOST of this money goes to Lanier, a company contracted to read the meters (which taxpayers paid for) and writes parking tickets.  We pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars each year just so they can hire a bunch of part-time staff who get paid about $11 an hour with no benefits – that’s not even a living wage!  The solution is to let the WMPD go back to reading meters and have people pay their tickets at city hall.  This would not only save money but it would put police on our streets as a deterrent to crime. 

Here is the contract. Look at how we pay for their office space and give out bonuses based on revenue.  No wonder it only takes 5 minutes to get a parking ticket in this city.

Parking financials – click on this link: