False Arrest – This Could Only Happen In Wilton Manors!!!



Michael Walters emceed a Halloween costume contest in the parking lot of the Alibi bar during the 2012 Wicked Manors street party.  He was dressed up as Dame Edna.  I was dressed up as a KKK member with a 5 foot cross and a lit tiki torch telling people to vote for Romney five days before the election.  I was making fun of bigots.  Mr Walters was offended by my costume and took hold of the top of my tiki torch and blew it out.  He was on the two foot high stage and stepped onto the ground to try and punch and kick me.  He fell down after losing his balance while wearing high heels.  Security guards restrained him and he was fired that evening from his weekly drag show at the Alibi.

Mr Walters went to the Wilton Manors police station four hours after the incident stating to Officer Rohr he was pulled off the stage and his knee was hurting.  He didn’t say anything about a tiki torch.  The next day he went back to the same police station and told Officer Loughran a lit tiki torch was thrust at him several times both when he was on stage and also on the ground and he was in fear for his life which made this a third degree felony charge.  Officer Loughran had worked for the WMPD for less than a year and became officer of the third quarter of 2012 for making a record number of arrests.  Kent Strunk who sells flowers to Mr Walters for his show came forward as the only witness (out of a crowd of 1000) to support his false claim.  Mr Walters told a newspaper he went to the emergency room the day after the incident but admitted that was a lie during his deposition.

Detective Frank Pilewski of the WMPD who drinks at the same bar I go to worked on this case.  He has previously demonstrated his does not like me.  Commander Blocker of the WMPD told me Frank said he tried to talk to me about the incident but I refused to say anything.  This is not true.  A few weeks after the incident a retired cop named Paula Tyer (who doesn’t drink) contacted the WMPD and Detective Pilewski  took her recorded statement saying Boyd was the one who was attacked – not the other way around.  This statement was “misplaced” by the Broward County State’s Attorney’s Office for over a year.  I never would have known the statement existed if a city commissioner named Julie Carson hadn’t told me about it four months after knowing about this statement.  There is also a similar written report from an Alibi security guard who witnessed the incident and also said I was attacked by Mr Walters.  Yet I was still headed for a jury trial.  I had refused several times to accept a misdemeanor assault plea.

Detective Frank Pilewski should have interviewed the security guards mentioned by the victim, the subject (me) and the victim’s witness before arresting me on felony charges.  But he didn’t.  I had to fire four lawyers before I found one that would subpoena the owner of the Alibi to get the names of the security guards working that night so I could depose one of them under oath.

During my September 5, 2014 court hearing my lawyer, the lawyer working for the state’s attorney’s office and the judge had a side bar discussion.  My lawyer told me the state’s attorney’s lawyer told the judge she refuses to go to a trial with this case on ethical grounds.  Her ethical stance has changed since the police have found a new witness two years after the incident.

November 2014 – New “witness” found!   Alvin Cyr who works for Kalis-McIntee Funeral Home was interviewed by Detective Pilewski 2 years after the incident.  He says I was waving a lit tiki torch “um, in a, it was pretty much in a hostile manner”.  See his full statement below.

December 5 2014  Another new (false) “witness” found!!!  Doug Blevins who unsuccessfully ran against me for mayor of Wilton Manors in 2014 made a statement filed with the state’s attorney’s office saying I “poked/jabbed other patrons in a manner similarly situated to that of what was done to the victim on that same night.”

Doug Blevins Statement

CHARGES DROPPED BY THE STATE’S ATTORNEY’S OFFICE – 12/8/14 minutes before jury selection for a felony trial!

New video of the incident surfaced which made the State’s Attorney’s office drop the charges against me.  The drag queen and witnesses were caught lying.  Click on the link below to watch Michael Walters jump down off the stage and attack me at the 7 minute 50 second mark:


The WMPD and the Broward County State Attorney Office refuse to pursue perjury charges against Michael Walters even though the video shows he lied during his sworn deposition.

This ordeal cost me over $20k in legal fees.

WMPD police report with notes from Boyd

Assault and Perjury police report

May 15, 2015  Officer Loughran gave me 2 tickets for going through a red light and driving on the wrong side of the road WHILE I WAS ON MY BICYCLE!  I was in the bike lane going the wrong direction!!!  These tickets were written up exactly as if I were driving a car and cost $475 and are worth 6 points (out of 12) on my drivers license.  After handing me the tickets Officer Loughran “forgot” to give me back my drivers license.  I had to ask for it back and he pulled it out of his pocket and gave it to me!

IMG_1335  Video of Officer Loughran pulling my drivers license out of his pocket.

October 6, 2015  Michael Walters files “violent stalking” charges  I had to pay a lawyer to attend an October 13, 2015 hearing to face more false accusations of violence from Michael Walters.

The “Violent Stalking” charges were dismissed by a judge at a hearing on October 13, 2015 yet it will appear on my Broward County record for the rest of my life!

Internal Affairs Complaint – March 26, 2014

Internal Affairs complaint June 24, 2014 with emails

Pilewski Photo

Detective Frank Pilewski

Click on the links below to read police reports, witness statements and sworn depositions pertaining to my arrest.

1. Redacted Police reports

2. Redacted Walters and Strunk statements

3. Tree photo

4. Redacted Paula Tyer Statement

5. Complaint about Tyer Statement

5a. SAO Mistake email sent to city

8.Michael Walters Depo

9.Frank Pilewski Depo

10.Pilewski Depo quotes

13.Security Guard Report

Trent Penn depo – Alibi bar Security Guard

15. Kent Strunk Deposition

Alvin Cyr witness statement

17. Jackson Padgett (bar owner) Deposition


11.Paula Tyer Depo from video

6. Straub short police report

16. Paul Straub Deposition

Arresting Officer Laughren Internal Affairs incident

Officer of the quarter

Double click on this photo to read about record setting arrests.

7. Costello’s lawyer letter – See how Chief O’Connell operates.

Letter to Assistant City Manager 4/2/15

Leigh Ann,
I have been out of town for the past couple of weeks.  There were two separate incidents that happened the weekend before I left that I need to make you aware of.
Detective Frank Pilewski was standing in front of the bar at Tropics on March 13 and made eye contact with me.  He looked away and elbowed me as I walked by.  I have reported physical assaults from him in the past and even met with the Chief of Police a few times concerning Frank.  His advice was for me to leave a bar if I saw Frank there.  As I told the chief at the time, this is completely unacceptable to me.  If you do a little research you will find that most police departments discourage cops from routinely going to bars as Frank does especially if there have been previous reported incidents with a specific officer.
Two days later on March 15 after a short conversation with Doug Blevins at Scandals, Doug grabbed my arm when I tried to walk away from him.  I had to physically remove his hand from my arm.  Doug told me he was going to file a restraining order against me.  As you probably already know, soon after last year’s mayoral election Doug came forward as a false witness concerning the felony assault charges that were pending against me.  Those charges were dropped and Doug’s statement was proven false when a video of the 2012 incident surfaced showing I was the one who was attacked.  However the WMPD decided not to make a police report against Doug for his false police statement.  I feel that this decision is directly responsible for Doug feeling like he can make up more false police reports without any repercussions.
As I’ve reported many times, Frank was staring me down during the weeks before my 2012 arrest.  In hindsight I should have reported his strange behavior.  I am now reporting his current behavior in case this situation continues to escalate.  There were no witnesses so I’m not looking to file any charges against him.  I already filed a battery police report against Frank from a bar incident last June but the security guard who witnessed the incident decided to give an inaccurate accounting of what had happened.
I recommend that you have a meeting with the chief of police.  Maybe he will reassess his decision to let Frank continue his routine of going out to bars on a weekly basis.  He should be encouraged to file false police statement charges against Doug Blevins and Kent Strunk since their statements are inconsistent with the video of the actual incident.  So far the WMPD has refused my request to file charges against these false witnesses.  People need to know that Wilton Manors doesn’t play political games when it comes to their police department.  This message needs to come from the city manager’s office since it’s not coming from the WMPD.
Boyd Corbin