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Drinking Water

Green and toxic

Here’s what Erin Brockovich has to say about our water which we buy from Ft Lauderdale’s Fiveash water treatment plant:

City water bills

MUCH too expensive

Every year, Wilton Manors steals over a million dollars from our water bills.  This is illegal and against accounting standards.

6% annual city staff raises?

For the past 5 years and for the next 3 years, city employees will get 6% raises while inflation has averaged 2%.

Parking Meters

A bad deal

Ever wonder why so many businesses on Wilton Drive only last a year or two?  $1.50 per hour parking is part of the problem.

Parking Garage


The 145 page 2017 parking study comes to the conclusion that a parking garage is necessary.  It costs half as much to build as the

Speeding on Wilton Drive

Every day, cars speed on Wilton Drive

Every day, cars speed on Wilton Drive – right outside of the police station!  Our police focus on pulling over vehicles to look for drugs.

Wilton Manors Garbage

The city needs to get more bids for our garbage services.  This is costing both residents and businesses more than it should.

Colohatchee Park

Don’t take your kids there!

The bathrooms are closed due to the sexual activity in this park which has been going on for decades.  We spend millions on police

Police Department

WMPD Chief - Paul O’Connell

The chief sits back and watches while lying witnesses accuse obviously innocent people and does nothing to stop this.

Where was Justin after Irma?

Both Mayor Resnick and Vice Mayor Justin Flippen didn’t attend the city commission meeting three days after Hurricane Irma hit in 2017.

City Meeting Videos

Suspended for over 4 months.

Wilton Manors has stopped posting videos of city meetings onto their website since my April 10, 2018 City Commission speech

Fl. May Not Be Testing

Drinking Water Correctly

Justin Flippen

Florida Bar letter A lawyer or a liar?

Justin Flippen told the Pelican Newspaper he’s a lawyer.  That’s just not true.  He never passed the bar exam.  


Ft Lauderdale

Water Quality Speech

June 5, 2018

Wilton Manors

Water Quality Speech

April 10, 2018




I grew up in Easton, Maryland – a small town on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Sailing, fishing, crabbing, rowing, windsurfing, tennis, racquetball and weight lifting were hobbies.   I went to Easton High School where I was elected Student Government President. After graduating, I found a crew job sailing a boat to the Virgin Islands where I stayed for six months working as a deckhand. While there, I found a job as the only American working on one of the top ten largest yachts in the world. After a brief time working in real estate in California, I went to Babson College, a small business school for entrepreneurs. I went to Australia for a semester and when I returned, I began recruiting American students for an Australian University. I also spent a year in Thailand learning to read and write Thai.

I moved to Florida in the late 90’s and in 2003 I purchased a vacant lot in Wilton Manors with money from a car accident. I secured a construction loan and built my home as an owner/builder. I rent it out as a vacation rental a couple months a year. My renters never bother my neighbors. I am financially secure which means I don’t need to steal taxpayer money or take kickbacks from developers. I spent years volunteering with Lambda Legal helping the organization that made gay rights and gay marriage a reality.

In 2012, I was falsely accused of trying to light a drag queen on fire while on stage in front of 1,000 people. Only one witness told the truth and her statement to the WMPD was “lost” by the Broward County State Attorney’s Office headed by Mike Satz. After two years and $20k in legal fees, the felony charges were dropped and my arrest record was cleared when a YouTube video was shared by the state’s attorney on the morning of my jury trial showing    I was innocent. The witnesses found by WMPD detective Frank Pilewski had lied. Yet perjury charges were never filed by the WMPD or the SAO which encouraged two of the liars, assisted by the WMPD, to file more false charges against me which were thrown out by a judge. However, my record will permanently show me as a defendant of “violent stalking”.

I look forward to representing ALL residents of Wilton Manors – not just the ones that resemble myself the most – regardless of race, religion, economic background, political affiliation, sexual orientation, etc. I will make my job as mayor a full-time job. Thank you for your support.

The City used your tax money to hire a PR company to tell you "Life Is Just Better Here”.

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Life could be better here

Contact Information

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I Want to Hear From You I want to end the corruption in this town and I need your help knocking on doors and working at the voting sites. If you want to make a contribution up to $1,000 mail a check made out to The Boyd Corbin Mayoral Campaign. To get a ballot mailed to your home or another address – it’s easy! Go to www.BrowardSOE.org and click on “Vote by mail” or call 954-357-7055 before October 31, 2018.

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