Boyd Corbin for Mayor of Wilton Manors 2016

Thank you to all the people who supported my campaign with your votes. We made a difference by letting the current administration know we are keeping an eye on them!
I would like to congratulate Gary Resnick on running a fair and clean race. But I can’t. Not only does Gary and the rest of the city commission overcharge residents but they lie about it. Most voters are convinced that their water bills go up due to Ft Lauderdale raising water and sewer rates. That’s only partially true. For every dollar that Ft Lauderdale increases their fees, Wilton Manors adds another THREE dollars on top. They swear that the $1.5m per year that is transferred from the Utility Fund does not go towards 6% annual city employee raises. Yes it does. Not only are they unnecessarily jacking up our water bills but they aren’t using that money for replacing the city’s aging water lines. When one resident had rust coming out of his faucet a utility department employee said it was from the lines running from the street into the house. The rust still flowed after $2k worth of unnecessary water line replacement.
When Wilton Drive went from 2 lanes to it’s current 4 lanes, it was a big mess taking 1.5 years. Businesses closed due to the construction. It’s incredible that city politicians are so eager to spend a $2.7m grant that only partially pays for narrowing this road from 4 lanes back to 2 lanes which will increase traffic and encourage drivers to cut through neighborhoods. Residents are told we are doing this to stop speeders on Wilton Drive. How about hiring a Chief of Police who’s NOT a lawyer to get the basics of policing right? Negotiations for our next 3 year police contract begin in January. Last time their budget went from $6m to $7m. We didn’t need to hire 50% more administrative personal or double the number of code enforcement officers as Chief O’Connell has done. Maybe once home invasions are way down and residents can bring their kids to the parks. But not now.
The Planing and Zoning Board has been chaired by Nick Berry for the past 10 years. That’s the same amount of time he spent in jail for drug trafficing “with my own fleet of boats and planes running drugs on the high seas.” Commercial properties are being rezoned as residential so developers can make millions of dollars while making contributions to our city commissioners.
I will continue fighting for clean water – I’m currently testing city water and trying to find out why it’s GREEN! It may be fine where it’s tested at the water treatment plant but it’s not tested your house! Florida Spectrum Environmental Services can help you do that. I will voice my opinion as I did when I found out that Lanier Parking has been “rounding up” by 50 cents and charging when parking is free. This is theft.
I urge residents to watch city commission meetings online and to exercise their right to give a 3 minute speech during these meetings – just show up and speak. The city should be run for the benefit of residents – not city employees. Keep up the pressure on them to do the right thing.

Whether its within City Hall against reckless spending by city commissioners or the Wilton Manors Chief of Police who refuses to discipline overly aggressive rogue officers, Boyd Corbin does not shy away from fighting for a just cause, fairness, and for the rights of the citizens of Wilton Manors. Boyd also presents sensible solutions that will help improve the city’s economy, make its homes, streets and parks safer, and make Wilton Manors a more pleasant city for residents and visitors alike.

  • Prevent narrowing of Wilton Drive – the traffic will be terrible -and get worse!
  • Increase parking – build a 300 car parking garage next to Matty’s
  • Retain parking spaces – stop giving away parking to businesses (ie, Rumors)
  • Free parking – until 6 pm at all meters and lots
  • Save taxpayers money – firing Lanier Parking saves residents $300k per year
  • Lower water bills – $2m of your water bill is going towards city salaries
  • Stop 6-7% raises – city employee salaries don’t need this – inflation is at 1%
  • Condo Development – 60 foot tall with a roof deck and 25 units per acre is excessive.
  • Safer parks for kids & dog owners – stop bathroom sex at Colohatchee Park
  • Wilton Drive safety – more speed traps all over the city – less in school zones
  • Bar safety – enforce maximum occupancy laws and enhance security
  • Cut crime – increase police patrols on foot, reinstate routine citywide car patrols
  • Clean up police – mandatory drug testing for police
  • Politician term limits – two decades of Resnick & Newton is enough
  • No tax hikes – say no to Commissioner Green’s tax raising proposals
  • No more tennis courts – $4m (tearing down 8 homes) for 2 more courts is nuts
  • Develop dog friendly park – at “Site 92” (waterfront across from Richardson Park)

I can make being mayor my full time job.  I built my house as an owner/builder which means I acted as a general contractor.  It was a big success.  Building a 200-300 car parking garage requires the same skills.  I can get the job done cheaply and with great results if the city commission let’s me make this happen.  Code enforcement is out of control – especially for businesses.  Enforcing decades old laws banning neon signs after there are a couple hundred being used is NOT what the police department needs to be focusing on.  Now they are cracking down on storefront window signage and STOP signs.  It’s hard enough running a small business without threats from the police of daily fines exceeding $100.

Paid for by Boyd Corbin for Mayor of Wilton Manors